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e offer a wide range of maintenance services for your property during your absence, especially designed for real estate owners who live abroad.

A house in good condition attracts more attention and keeps it’s value. Therefore we offer you, besides our great deal of experience and professional personnel, also support in administrative matters.

Keeping your house in a good condition can cost time and may cause complications. Be it repairs or regular maintenance, it remains difficult to organize this from a large distance. Our team can release you from these worries and will efficiently and with dedication take care that all neccesary works will be carried out and will also supervise during renting.

Whatever the problem may be, a small job or a complicated matter, we will efficiently solve it for you. Moreover we are able to organize the different services quicker and cheaper for you as we cooperate on a regular basis with the different companies. For complete maintenance of your house or apartment we are at your disposal with the following services.


Administration of your property, maintenance costs, electricity and phone bills, local taxes, receipt of rental monies from your clients, community costs and meetings. We handle the property and income tax, obligatory under Spanish law for foreigners with property in Spain.


Before arrival of your client your house will be cleaned, beds will be made and clean towels prepared. This way your client will arrive in a clean house, ready for use.


Large and small repairs, maintenance of the decoration, electricity, plumbing, garden, etc. When larger expenditures are required we will apply for a quotation with various companies and send them to you for your perusal and acceptation.


Regular inspection is included in the rental service. Besides, one of our maintenance tecnicians periodically will make an inspection round through your house.


Advice and support for real estate insurances, organise payments in your name and handling of possible claims for damages. Especially if you want to let your house it’s of the utmost importance to arrange for a good insurance with a renowned and financially strong insurance company.